Math is a language.

I always been a lover of 'math for the sake of math' and I found annoying to ask 'but what is this useful for?' when learning about a new concept. It might seem weird, but to a pure mathematician 'apply' sounds like 'spoil'. Applications are a kind of low rank pursue for a mathematician, something … Continue reading Math is a language.

Setting up Agda on Debian

I wrestled with this for some days, but finally I figured it out. Here's a Bash script distilling the lessons I learned. The starting point is obviously Agda (quite cumbersome) documentation. I couldn't manage to run anything installed from apt, therefore I went for the first method. apt-get update # libraries necessary to run Cabal … Continue reading Setting up Agda on Debian

The one integration secret mathematicians don’t want you to know

Hey folks, it's been a while! One of my New Year's resolutions is to write more on this blog (at least weekly, says the list), so here I am. My biggest impairment in doing so has been the feeling of incompetence about a lot of the stuff that interests me, hence my good intentions crashed … Continue reading The one integration secret mathematicians don’t want you to know

On humanities papers and mathematical naivety.

I just finished reading What does a mathematical proof prove?, a (supposedly) classic in philosophy of math by Imre Lakatos and it confirmed what I feared was happening: I can no longer bear any humanities paper. Everything[0] you read typically has a 10x multiplier on words, and usually boils down to one/two interesting perspectives on … Continue reading On humanities papers and mathematical naivety.

Perspectives on categories.

Category theory is a very fascinating area of mathematics. It's unexpectedly powerful in an incredible width of different contexts, from the purest abstractions to the most concrete applications. I'm far from being an expert in category theory, although I enjoy fiddling with it and looking through the categorical lens at the material of my courses. … Continue reading Perspectives on categories.