About me

I’m Matteo Capucci, I’m currently enrolled at the University of Strathclyde as PhD student in the MSP group, under the supervision of prof. Ghani and prof. Cunningham. I’m working in applied category theory, especially in systems theory and applied topos theory.

Previously, I studied in Padua and I got my masters degree under the supervision of dott. Maschio. You can find my thesis here. Here’s my academic CV.

I listen to a lot of music, I like photography, cooking (and eating) and productive debates.

My long term goals concern environmental and social issues. I see mathematics as essential in order to have an effective understanding of why are we having such problems in the first place, and where and how to correct them. I’m a strong believer in the rising sea philosophy, even more so in applied mathematics.

Alexandre Grothendieck is my moral guide. To know why, I suggest reading a short biography.