Here you can find links to some stuff I produced in the last years.


  • Talk: Internal methods in algebraic geometry
    In the context of a series of short talks ending a course in homological algebra for topology, I spoke about topos-theoretic techniques applied to algebraic geometry, namely the methods of proving theorems by switching to the internal language of Zariski toposes. Since the audience wasn’t much acquainted with logic, I tried to skim over the most technical parts and keep it light, conceptual.
  • Talk: A glance at topos theory
    I concluded the prof. Maschio’s course “Logica Matematica 2” (a course in advanced topics in mathematical logic) with a bird-eye view of topos theory through the eyes of categorical logic. The scope of the talk was very ambitious, and in the end we just covered the definition of elementary topos, plus some examples and constructions of subobject classifiers.
    The notes are still a mess, and I’m deciding what to do with the draft of the parts I didn’t cover.